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Kriger Research Center Pacific: Australia, New Zealand and Western Pacific Region

kriger Research Center offers you an excellent career in clinical research and biopharmaceutical industry!

This article has been published by the International Biopharmaceutical Association . Please note this article does not give any medical advice.

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Not many people are aware of the fact that you shouldn't be an expert in pharmaceuticals to get into this most lucrative industry!
Not many people are aware of the fact that each drug, before it makes it to the pharmacy shelf, should pass a lengthy approval process where many clinical research professionals are needed.
This industry is more about regulations and rules that are easy to learn (no matter what scientific background you have). When you know these rules and regulations, you are very attractive to any industry employer!
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According to publications of regulatory authorities of Australia, New Zealand and other countries of Western Pacific Region local communities expect that medicines and medical devices in the marketplace are safe and of high quality, to a standard at least equal to that of comparable countries. Regulatory acts provide a national framework for the regulation of therapeutic goods in this region and ensure their quality, safety and efficacy.

KRC Inc. is prepared to provide it's services in this region based on the local regulatory requirements.
Kriger Research Center- Western Pacific - is an organization with broad expertise in the planning, execution and interpretation of research projects. KRC Inc. provides focused, comprehensive planning which leads to a successful trial.
Kriger Research Center- Western Pacific is also a leader in providing excellent corporate training solutions. Our pre-written training modules cover the whole spectra of issues critical to the successful operation within the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical trials. Each set of training modules is oriented to specific department or group of employees within your company and can be customized according to your specific SOP-s.
When your company chooses an outsource training solution, you gain immediate access to our skilled training specialists who can provide training sessions at your premises or to become your virtual training department. Our experts can create an entire solution for your corporate training from start to finish.
KRC is also providing professional development programs for clinical research professionals. These programs are designed to create a focused course of study for individuals seeking to position themselves for clinical research and pharmaceutical trials industry as a clinical research associate , clinical research coordinator, quality assurance specialist, data management specialists, marketing and project management staff leader. These programs also provide knowledge and skills of clinical excellence in monitoring scientific studies toward the advancement of knowledge and improvement of health.

For more information on Clinical Research Career Training and Clinical Trials Services please contact Kriger Research Group ( ) at or call (866) 757-9791 (USA and Canada) or + 1(416) 630-0038 (Internationally)

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